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Are you a superior violinist trying to coax music from an inferior violin?

The reality is that even the best of players has to work very hard to make a bad instrument sound good. The decision to buy a better instrument can be daunting. Making a change, even for a higher quality violin, is not easy, and less so, if one is concerned about the expense. Fortunately, buying a Blum Violin is one of the best and most exciting investments you can make in your musical life.

We invite you to examine the difference between Blum instruments and those of other makers. Many hobbyists are attracted to the beauty of violin making, and many say that they have experience, but few have actually studied the art of violin making with great masters. Few have achieved the distinction of a Luthier degree from a world renowned school. Fewer still have violins in their blood, coming from a three generation succession of extraordinary professional violinists, craftsmen, and luthiers.

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